Spy2me Help

If application is already installed, firstly [Uninstall] SService from Settings/Applications.
Download the application to the target phone, confirm the privileges and enter your eMail address where you will receive the reports.

If CONTACTS report comes within 1 minute to your email address, installation is complete.

Reports are delayed
Due to the intensity, reports can sometimes be delayed by 1 hour in unlicensed use.
If you are a licensed user, Choose your gmail address and grant access to your google account here.
In the sending gmail inbox, if your sending device is blocked (I know: YES), allow 1 time.

How to get instant report with mail command?
1) If licensed user set IMAP active your gmail from Inbox/Settings.
2) Send command from eMail to gMail. Enter command to Subject
3)The program checks if there is a command with gMail between 10 minutes and 60 minutes. If the command came, delete the command from the Inbox and apply the command. Checks again every 10 minutes.
4) Commands:
ENV (1min Environment record)
ENV 4 (4min Environment record)
ENV 3 5 (3min 5 times Environment record. [min:1-30 times:1-99])

FILES (Any files saved by all programs after the last FILES command)

Can I upload to the unlimited device?
Yes. You can install the program on the devices you want.

First of all, the reports didn't come after
Settings/Security [Close the Application Permission Monitor.]
If SService is not in Settings/Battery Battery Optimization, add to WhiteListed Apps.
If Google Play Protect, etc., are blocking programs, either allow the program or stop or remove these programs.

Outgoing or incoming sound badly recorded.
The problem is related to the device you are installing. This can be a problem if the device is not original or missing parts. No programs can properly record speech on this device.

Do I need to provide my eMail address when buying license?
Yes. License number is valid with your eMail address.

Do you see the reports?
We can see the initial upload (eMail, gMail, license, etc.) information.
When you have any questions/problems with program, what information you have uploaded, which reports came/did not come detailed, so that we can understand/solve the problem.

Can I see outgoing messages from Whatsapp etc. when I get a license?
Only messages (notifications) from all installed programs (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Beep, Messenger, Line, etc.) are reported. Outgoing messages cannot be reported.

Can I access the old records when I get a license?
No. Program sends reports (waits until the internet comes) only to you immediately and deletes files. It cannot be found again.